Different Step For Turning On The Pilot Light Of Your Hot Water Heater

Having a hot water heater in your home is extremely important because it provides hot water all through the day in a quick and convenient manner. If you have a gas hot water heater, it is extremely crucial for you to keep its pilot light lit all the time because without it, you will lose access to your everyday hot water needs. The pilot light should be on so that your water heater will function optimally and for handling this issue, you need not call a professional plumber as you can go ahead with DIY methods.

Hence, it is important that you know the ways of turning on the pilot light as it helps in igniting the gas burner for providing you with hot water during cold winter months. There are many reasons why the pilot light does not turn on but the most common reason is due to unexpected fluctuations in the gas main pressure and equipment malfunctioning. In any of these situations, you can easily relight the pilot light yourself so that the flame starts again and you will get to enjoy hot showers in the bathroom.

Different steps for turning on the pilot light of your hot water heater. Read the instructions of your water heater- there are different make, model and brand of gas-powered water heater that are available in the market. You need to read the instructions of the appliance so that you will turn on the pilot light so that it helps you to get hot water in the winter months. For this you will need to use a lighter or ignition button for relighting the water heater so that you will continue to use this appliance for comfort and convenience.

Set the temperature- before lighting the gas hot water heater, you need to set the temperature so that it will help in turning on the water for offering you with hot water all through the day. If you are facing any problem with the heater, you need to contact a plumber who will offer tips and advice for handling the issues in an effective manner. You will need to use a flashlight for finding the burner or pilot and then turn control knob to Pilot after which you will have to light a lighter or long match.

Wait for the gas pilot light- for ensuring that you get hot water all through the day, you need to check whether the pilot light is staying lit or not. You also have the option of using the black or red button marked ignition and when you press it for few seconds, you will hear click sound of igniter sparking.

Setting the thermostat to the desired temperature is extremely important for keeping the pilot light lit for a long period of time. DIY methods are extremely important for making your gas hot water heater lit for a long period of time so that you will enjoy the use of the heater during the cold weather months.