Most Common Reasons Why Your Garbage Disposal is Leaking

The garbage disposal is considered as the most important and hardest working appliance of your home that are especially designed for grinding up organic matters of the kitchen into fine particles. These small and versatile units are also the most abused appliance that tends to leak if there are some plumbing problems with the unit. With a garbage disposal, you will be able to dispose of the food waste into the sink efficiently while offering convenience when you are cleaning the kitchen.

Leaking garbage disposal is a common plumbing issue that needs to be addressed at the earliest and for this you will need to hire a plumber so that you will not have to deal with serious water damage issues in your home. When you notice flooring underneath the kitchen sink area, you need to contact experienced and reliable plumbing professionals who will fix the leak at the earliest.

Most common reasons why your garbage disposal is leaking:

Worn out gaskets- the rubber gasket present inside the pipe of the garbage disposal might have worn out causing leak in the system. The gasket between the rubber seal and flange might have been damaged leading to the leakage and you need to check the unit for finding the root cause of the problem.

Leaky sink flange- the sink flange functions for connecting the sink drain bottom to the disposal top but when you find moisture outside these area then it is due to leaky sink flange. You should check for active dripping in the garbage disposal as it indicates that the unit is leaking and you need get the problem repaired with the assistance of a plumber.

Loose drain lines- the drain lines link is the most common area of the unit that leaks and when you find that there is a leakage in the connections of the pipe, you need to contact a plumber. This professional will reseal or tighten up the connections so that your garbage disposal units will no longer leak.

Loose seals or pipes- garbage disposal unit leaks when the internal seals has been worn out over the years causing leakage in the unit. Moreover when the seals or pipes have become looses, you will need to call a professionals for fixing the internal seals.

Dishwasher connection- the dishwasher is connected with the drainpipe, and the garbage disposal unit is attached to the dishwasher because it disposes the food waste from the unit. But when this connection becomes loose or cracked, you will need to get the hose replaced or secured and this task can be completed with the help of advice from professional plumber.

Spilt or cracked body- the garbage disposal unit might have larger gaps and cracks that might lead to leakage or discharge from this appliance. You need to address all these problems at the earliest so that you will not face major issues with the unit. The damage caused to this appliance is because of the impact or with regular use and you need to seek valuable advice from the plumber for preventing further damage to the unit.